The biggest benefits

to take responsibility of their own screen time in a fun way
to encourage to express their own opinion
to get more structure (more quality time with the family)
to get better rest, better school results
the basics of monetary concepts (how to spend wisely and delay gratification)
to develop patience and planning skills in other aspects of their lives

What else?

Build for parents
Built by and for parents

We try to build the best educational screen limiting app out there

Multiple Platforms
Multiple platforms

You can control the time and usage of all the devices connected to this application

Reward system
Timer system

No discussion about screen time any more!

Real-Time Monitoring
Real-time monitoring

Always keep track of activities in real-time, which eliminates chances of being cheated

From 4 till 14 year old!
More then 10 YEARS!

This is how long you can use EZscreenTimer as your "educational" buddy.

Get peace in mind
Get peace of mind

As a parent you will not be blamed anymore if time is up!

Why download "Easy"screenTimer?

Various parental control applications block the screen time of a single device after a certain period of time.
However, things become complicated when kids switch to another device like TV, PS4, XBOX, ... leaving you frustrated.

EZscreenTimer is the only Parental control app that covers ALL devices.

How It Works

Download the app


The first time you open the APP you need to follow a few steps like adding your kid's name and assigning coins per device

Kid's device

Install the application on your child's default device and toggle the timer on/off.

Let's rumble!

Inform your child how this application works. This will help them know when and how they can get rewarded.

What you will get

  • UNLIMITED amount of family members
  • UNLIMITED amount of devices
  • Assign coins to all your (screen)devices
  • Prebuilt or custom reward messages
  • Prebuilt or custom disciplining messages
  • Built-in notification system
  • Time management per day or per week

  • Buzzer on child's device
  • Deduct coins automatically
  • Monthly reports by mail
  • Many other planned features
  • Support us by sharing this project